Three years of waiting is now finally over!

23 Sep 2014

Close proximity to nature, shopping and excellent transport links to Stockholm City made the couple, Oliver Strandberg and Rosanna Rhenström, sign up for a newly produced apartment in Arenastaden. 

After three years of waiting, the day finally arrived when the couple received the keys to the apartment on Evenemangsgatan.

“We waited an incredibly long time for the keys. I believe we have visited Arenastaden several times a month in the past few years. We had lived with the thought of the apartment for such a long time and now it was finally time to move in,” says Rosanna Rhenström.

On moving day, the removal van was packed early and Rosanna and Oliver were the first couple to collect the keys from the real-estate agent. They had both heard horror stories about hour-long elevator queues on moving-in day in buildings with newly produced apartments. Instead, it turned out that they were the only ones who intended to move into the 21-floor high building on that day.

“The first night we were by ourselves in the entire building but it felt fine. From the onset, it felt like our home. It is probably mostly because it had been such a long process from start to finish and we had formed a strong bond to the apartment long before we received the keys,” Rosanna says.

The couple’s first home together

It was largely a coincidence that Arenastaden became the location for the couple’s first real home together. Oliver saw the foundation of the building being cast one evening while watching a webcam that was broadcasting live over Arenastaden.

I found an article that mentioned that they would be building apartments. I felt as early as then that this would be a good area with great potential.

“I am a real-estate agent and I know what is required for an area to be popular. Excellent transport links, a broad offering of entertainment and preferably close to nature,” Oliver says.

There are still a few years remaining before Arenastaden is completely finished. Hoisting cranes and scaffoldings are still a natural feature of the city image. But, both Rosanna and Oliver say that they are quite surprised at how easy it is to live in an area that to a certain extent is still a construction site. Instead, it is the view of the Råstasjön Lake that commands attention from the large windows of the apartment. Something that the couple hadn’t anticipated.

“We had no idea that we would have a sea view. The impression is that if you buy an apartment in the Stockholm area, there are seldom any positive surprises. For us, it was quite the opposite. We have an incredibly beautiful view of the lake. The balcony has more hours of sun than we first thought and is significantly lighter than we expected,” Oliver relates.

Witnessed the development of ArenastadenIt has only been a few weeks since the couple moved into their new home. Nearly all moving boxes have already been unpacked and the couple feels at home. Not only in their new apartment but also as a resident of Arenastaden.

“I actually believe that all the construction projects make it feel like this is our city district. We have been here and seen Arenastaden develop. It really feels like our home and I hadn’t dared to expect to feel this way so quickly,” says Rosanna.

I found an article that mentioned that they would be building apartments. I felt as early as then that this would be a good area with great potential,” says Oliver.