Open House Stockholm

20 Sep 2016

On Friday and Saturday, 7-8 October, Open House Stockholm will take place for the first time. An architecture festival in which visitors get the opportunity to experience how architecture develops cities, completely free.

Over two days, the general public will be treated to free guided viewings of fascinating buildings and sites – public buildings, offices, new builds, homes, tunnels, towers, parks, new and old. A reference group ensures that all the sites live up to the fundamental concept of interesting architecture. 

Arenastaden is of course included in this year’s festival, with its modern architecture and exciting urban development focusing on sustainability. 

Over the two days of the festival, visitors will have the chance to join guided viewings of Arenastaden and hear the fascinating story of how the district was developed. Visitors will also have the opportunity to take a peek inside the Friends Arena, and one of Fabege’s new buildings on Evenemangsgatan. 

Open House started in 1992

Open House Stockholm is part of the international Open House Worldwide network, which was established in London in 1992 by Victoria Thornton. Her mission was to break down the barriers between the architectural profession and the general public. That’s why she invited Londoners to an open house event, where they had the chance to experience the way in which architecture is developing the city. Thus Open House came into being.

Since then, the festival has been established in just over 30 major cities around the world, attracting more than 1 million visitors every year.

Find out more about Open House Stockholm

On Open House Stockholm’s website you’ll find more information about the buildings included in this year’s festival. The website is also kept up to date with new buildings and more details about days, times and viewings.