Arenastaden growing in leaps and bounds

6 May 2014

Moving around in Arenastaden should be a pleasant experience, and the area should feel clean and well-kept despite the rapid pace of constructing a completely new city district. Five players are currently working to achieve these goals.

“A large part of the work will be completed within 18 months,” says Pernilla Söderström, Property Manager for Arenastaden at Fabege.

A completely new city district is developing at Arenastaden, which has been transformed from an industrial area into a vibrant city district with offices, restaurants, services and events. However, it is far from complete and for those working or visiting the area, it should still be experienced as a vibrant and functioning city district under construction.

“It is very important for us that the 13,000 individuals who currently work at Arenastaden have a good impression of their daily environment and that the area is welcoming for all visitors,” Söderström adds.

Logistics and planning must meet rigorous demands

She says that Friends Arena is able to receive up to 65,000 visitors and that apartments and a large number of offices are also being constructed in the same area. Since all of these projects will impact the area, logistics and planning have subjected to rigorous demands.

Public transport and vehicle traffic are also being developed and improved. This year, for example, the northern road ramp will be completed and an underground station will be in place by 2022.

Cooperation generating results

In order for the buildings and objectives for the vibrant city district to function in harmony, Fabege, the Mall of Scandinavia, PEAB, Friends Arena and the City of Solna have engaged a close collaboration.

“We want to create a sense of contentment among visitors and those working in the area,” says Pernilla Söderström.

Söderström explains that while construction work could well be in progress behind the hoardings surrounding the site, the street outside must be kept clean and tidy. The area must be vibrant with excellent services despite the fast rate of construction.

“A large part of the work will be completed within 18 months and during that time we will become better at informing visitors and companies about what is happening in the area. This includes telling them about what we are building and the possible disruptions that may be caused,” Söderström explains.